rjSkinningTools.tweakVertexWeights package

Module contents

Tweak influence weights on a vertex level.


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Copy the rjSkinningTools folder to your Maya scripts directory



Display UI

import rjSkinningTools.tweakVertexWeights.ui


Tweak vertex weights with sliders or spinbox input fields. This tool will give the user a good overview of what influences are translating the vertex. At the same time being able to tweak those influence to a 0.001 of precision, while setting the locked state of certain influences. It also shows if the maximum amount of influences is exceeded. The ui gets updated every time the selection is changed in Maya.



Get all of the skinned vertices that are currently selected. Loop over the current selection and see if the vtx suffix is found indicating a component selection. Then the mesh if extracted from this component and checked if a skinCluster is attached. If the selection meets these criteria it will be added to the list.

Returns:List of selected skinned vertices
Return type:list of strings