rjSkinningTools.paintSmoothWeightsCtx package

Module contents

Paint smooth weights tool in Maya using the weights of neighbouring vertices.


Copy the rjSkinningTools folder to your Maya scripts directory



Select a skinned object and run the following code

from rjSkinningTools import paintSmoothWeightsCtx;


The paint tool calls a script that find the surrounding vertices and its skin weights. These skin weights are then blended with the skin weights of the original vertex based value of the paint tool.

  • Undo-able / Redo-able

Based on the settings on the skinCluster the following attribute will be respected while smoothing the weights:

  • Max Influences
  • Normalize Weights
  • Locked Influences

I would like to note that the idea for this script came from Tom Ferstl <https://vimeo.com/tomferstl> he developed a script where the end results is very simular. I did use the original script as an inspiration, but what happens under the hood is completely different.



When this script is imported the following code will make sure the accompanying plugin is loaded that registers the commands used by the context.


Initialize the smooth weight context, make sure to have a mesh selected with a skin cluster attached to it. Once this command is run the context will be set as the active tool.