All of the hero fish are keyframe animated and it was very important we utilised to power of dynamics in Maya. I've always been quite sceptical of dynamics in Maya but have turned to be a convert after the completion of this project. I've created a toolset for the animators that would allow for dynamic passes to be ran on request and baked onto their existing animation, this would keep their animation scenes light/scrubbably and at interactive playback speeds.

A lot of time went into a single prototype for which we used the Chromis. Going back and forth with the animation supervisor (Jed Fisher) to make sure that the rigs behaved exactly how he wanted. Once we were confident, these rig modules were easily rolled out over all the other fish generating a vast variety of fish rigs with consistant behaviour across the project.

The VFX supervisor (Grant Walker) was keen to have me on the project and I am really glad that he did. The final result is stunning and the result of the hard work of an extremely talented crew, I am proud to have been a small cog in the machine that made it all possible.