"Pink Troubles" is the story of a lonesome flamingo whose morning routine is disturbed by an unforeseen cosmic event. It started as a quick exercise in rigging and character animation at Parasol Island's animation department several years ago. What was planned as a quick showreel intro soon grew into a larger effort of a 4 minute short film. After this proved to take too long to finish next to our actual projects, we decided to finish a shorter version of the original film - call it Episode 1 if you like!

- Philip Hansen


The flamingo rig is something that I was working on during my internship at Parasol Island, because this character was for an in-house production I could go all out. The rig is fully scalable and the feather interpenetration has been kept to a minimum. As you can see in the video below this is a demo of one of the earlier versions of the rig, the facial setup changed quite a bit. The tricky part of this rig was to find a balance between realistic and cartoony features and give the animators enough control, so the character is able to reach extreme poses.