This plug-in will register a node and a command. With the command it will be possible to query the volume of a mesh and with the node you can query not only the volume but also the surface area of all the faces.


  • Extract the content of the .rar file anywhere on disk.
  • Drag the meshInfo.mel file in Maya to permanently install the plugin.



import maya.cmds as cmds 
volume = cmds.polyVolume(ws=True, ch=False)

By setting the constructionHistory argument to True, instead of the volume being returned as a float, the meshInfo node will be returned that in order can be used to query the volume.


import maya.cmds as cmds 

meshInfo = cmds.createNode("meshInfo") 
volume = cmds.getAttr("{0}.volume".format(meshInfo)) 
area = cmds.getAttr("{0}.area".format(meshInfo))