Gorgeous animation in a bold, graphic-novel style make this spot by Doner and Superfad for Fiat 500 a must watch. "No Dream Limit" focuses on the endless possibilities for customization the new Fiat offers, via a surreal, seamless journey taken by two custom Fiat 500 cars: the Beach Cruiser, and the Cafe Racer.

I was contacted by a producer at Superfad who had seen the jellyfish rig online and asked if they could use it for a Fiat commercial. I was happy to oblige and below you can see the final commercial. Keep in mind that my only contribution to this project was the model and rig of the jellyfish.


The jellyfish rig is something that I did for fun while I was still in school. I wanted to create a challenge for myself and though a jellyfish would be the perfect fit. The biggest challenge was to limit the amount of controls for the animator, since this setup doesn't feature any dynamics, everything can be tweaked and controlled by the animator. But all of these controls can be a bit overwhelming, so I added systems on top of the controls that automate most of the jellyfish movements, with the option to tweak individual controls where necessary.