During the Berlinale Film Festival this 3D short film starring the Audi fleet shuttle quattro will be shown on the "Audi ultra powerwall" at Audi City Berlin.

Universal Car Rig

The car was rigged with a universal car rig created to work with any sized vehicle with 4 wheels setup to be used for any car related project at the company. The setup features a lot of high-end controls like tire pressure on the tires and a dynamics system for the suspension that could be blended with manual controls in case adjustments had to be made by the animators. The rig could be attached to a motion path with a simple gui to make sure the steering would be attached and prevent sliding on the tires.

Robot Head Rig

The robot head was rigged with a very simple body, head an facial control. These few controls moved a lot of parts in the neck and face in a mechanical way. The rig was animated by attaching body tracking data and having this data cleaned up by the animators.