A courier created for Dota 2 - Frostivus 2017 event. Its been a good learning exercise doing the rig for this character. As it was the first rig I have done for Dota 2, I had to familiarise myself with the engine and the requirements from Valve. This on top of the wish list the animator gave me, I had to be creative with the number of joints, their positioning and controls.


The element that would make this character stand out is the "death" animation. As this character consists only of a skeletal structure it had to be able to completely fall apart. This was done by implementing a space switching system that made it able to detach all of the objects from its parent to the world. Which made it easier for the animator to create the desired results.

Ground Death

Flying Death


Ovidiu Nicolae Baiculescu - “oxhid3”
Modelling, Texturing and Animation

- “kejayguard”
Low polygon fixing